"I love your work because it works.
If I had a broken heart, I know you could fix it."
Oprah Winfrey

How To Fall Out of Love

Coming Soon!

“For everyone who suffers from a love that is not returned, this book will be a godsend.”
- Rev. Dr. William Kirby.

“I recently (8 months ago) went through the breakup from hell (we’ve all been there). This book gives practical, down to earth and sensible suggestions about how to move through the pain and anger, stop obsessing and move on.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with a broken heart who doesn’t want to remain broken hearted.” – Amazon.com review


“Wonderful book- I first read it about 10 years ago. I like this particular book so much because it gives very practical steps to help a person ‘get over someone’. It doesn’t get into why and how (that is for therapy), but as the book points out, if you are overwhelmed every time you see anything that reminds you of this person and you are CONSTANTLY thinking about them how can you get over them? You won’t. Again, great book, easy to read, step by step cookbook behavior modification techniques.”- Amazon.com review

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The New Sexual Confidence

Available in February

Sexual freedom and skill are not enough. Sex is not that simple.Counseling and teaching, I talk to thousands of people all across the country about sex. And time after time I see a gap between people’s expectations about sex and their own ex­perience. They have plenty of sex but they don’t have the “good stuff”. They miss the romance, courtship, seduction, intimacy, affec­tion, depth, communication, caring, friendship, dignity, and love that can make sex the best part of our lives.
Sure, many of them have technical skill and “perfor­mance.” But they may still have trouble.

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